The grand old tale of Emily’s short lived Microdermal:

Just got back from the piercers and had to have it removed. She was hoping we’d be able to save it by massaging into a better position and a top change, but NO WAY would that happen! 

I got there and she sat me down after doing the washing and the gloving and the couch covering, took one look and said, ‘well fuck!’ She massaged it a little and had a poke and prod around, and decided the plan of action to remove it, and also, where she went wrong in piercing it as she’d never seen something like this before!

So, it began. On a scale of one to ten, one being minor pain and ten being so bad I want to die, the insertion was about a 4, and then removal as at least a 15! She got out an 18g needle and began to scrape the skin off around the gem (which had sunk by 1.5mm - we measured!). This wasn’t too painful, but pretty ouchy! Once she’d removed most of the grown over skin, she inspected and tried to work out where she’d gone wrong.

She’d commented that it was incredibly easy to punch through my skin, and we both realised that she had probably pierced too far down, which was problem number one. Then, when she’d popped in the dermal, that had been pressed down too far into an already too deep hole, it immediately began to sink. To top it off, she’d used a new dermal anchor from a different supplier, which had a shorter stem length, which just added to the deeply pierced hole! 

Once we’d established the cause of the problem, removal began. At this point she’d given me one of the towels that she keeps handy (she runs the entire shop which also does manicures and tanning and fish pedi’s so there are a lot of them!) for me to bite on (!!!) as I was in a lot of pain. She’d seen the photos of when I was freeze sprayed, so used it very sparingly to prevent the hardening and the dodgy swelling it causes me. The jiggling and manipulation and the jiggery pokery of the hole thing began. It was the single most painful modification experience I’ve ever had!

She unscrewed the gem first, which wasn’t that horrific. She then screwed in something into the exposed stem which let her manipulate the base and stem out of the skin easily. She was comforting me through the entire time and making sure I was okay :)

Out it popped! After a lot of my whining and screaming and crying! 

This entire process took 20 minutes. Yes. 20 minutes on a 3 day old dermal.

Once it was out, the wound packing and closing began, and there is a HUGE hole in my chest. She steri-stripped it up and placed a plaster over them, and told me to change the strips twice a day and not to get it wet for a week. It needs to be covered for at least 2 weeks, as the hole is so big we don’t want to risk infection or excess scarring.

She was incredibly apologetic and gave me a massive hug and gave me a coupon for 75% off of a piercing. As long as it wasn’t a dermal because she isn’t going to do them on me, a) because she doesn’t want to put me through it again and (b) I think my body just really dislikes dermals anyway. 

So, here’s hoping to a quick and speedy hole healing!

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