Our reasons for this are thus: It’s driving us mad. We hate our own blog, the amount of hate and rage it was causing us and everyone else wasn’t worth it.

So, AwfulMods is becoming AwesomeMods. Past posts will be mass deleted.

We will still be open for all your questions about everything, posts on why guns are bad will remain, examples of some awful modifications will remain for educational purposes. Submissions of AwfulMods will not longer be accepted. Only AwesomeMods will be! It’s a place to showcase what you love, what you have, what beautiful things come out of the modification industry.

Any questions?

Posted: March 25, 2012 • 9:35 PM
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  1. infamousnspooky answered: Don’t be like every other blog that only posts good stuff :(
  2. helloscruffy answered: I think this is an awesome idea, the positivity will be a breath of fresh air :)
  3. firemeltedsoul answered: Well that sucks I hope you all will still show the bad stuff. :(
  4. ayamccabre answered: Pity…. I’ve referred a lot of people to AwfulModifications and it usually stopped them doing what they were going to do.
  5. thedankreject answered: yea sad face, I already follow a butt ton of healthy mod blogs, I quite enjoyed the gruesome stuff. Do what you must I suppose. :[
  6. blackcrowpumpking answered: this makes me really sad. i give advice to people based on your advice and have helped many people with their piercings. sadness. :(
  7. phylacterium answered: On one side, it’s a good thing - I always became so angry from looking at the submissions there. On the other hand, I’ll miss it a bit.
  8. graphicsprocessingunit answered: I loved AwfulModificiations, I check it everyday and it taught me a lot. Not keen on the change.
  9. imissmymind answered: Thank god for that. That blog was becoming a brewery for nothing but cyber bullying.
  10. un-memories answered: I just wanted to say that I totally support this decision.
  11. maggotcupcake answered: I’m surprised you guys lasted as long as you did. But you did a great job in handling stupidity without exploding.
  12. castiels-purgatory-beard answered: Guess I’ll add this to the list of all the billions of other blogs that post mods…. Cool.
  13. to1nfinityandbeyond answered: I religiously checked awfulmods, way over the blogs that just posted mods..
  14. mistakeinevolution said: and please please dont get me wrong, I really do like awfulmods’! :) I
  15. valgina-nipples answered: so this is what it feels like to be heart broken :/
  16. mistakeinevolution answered: blow outs*
  17. tuggingonthesleeves answered: That’s a brilliant plan :)
  18. daysea said: im happy because im sick of the abuse you get and its boring to see the repetition but this is a large loss in my life! i’ll miss laughing at stupid people but am looking forward to seeing great examples of body modification :)
  19. themodifieddoll answered: Its heartbreaking to hear, but I can understand why you would take this route. I’ll always miss AwfulModifications. Take care lovelies.
  20. adrianna-the-girl-wonder answered: the only way to teach people how to properly mod is to show them how not to. but i understand why.
  21. pungent-petrichor answered: Whilst I’ll miss being able to show my ill-educated friends such a readily available selection of why-you-shouldn’t… This is a good change.
  22. theradicaldame answered: Sounds like itll make your lives heaven instead of hell! I support modhealth :3
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