I just had the right side one done, hence why my lip’s huge! But here we are, my fully pierced face. ‘Scuse the septum jewellery. It’ll be at 3.2 next week…
(And my nostrils aren’t wonky, this photo just looks like it D: )
Posted: January 13, 2012 • 10:21 PM
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  1. snuffdigital answered: It’s cute!
  2. myeternalsuunshine answered: They look real nice.
  3. littlelionoftheseas answered: I likeeeeeee :3
  4. thebadromancer answered: You’re pretty. And I actually really like all of your piercings.
  5. sheepneverlearn answered: mucho like. i love your septum jewellery, though it’s kind of big. i wanted something like that, but smaller. i’ve got a tiny nose!
  6. randomme13 answered: you look SO good *.*
  7. moondustforbrains said: so complete looking. I love it. <3 and I really love blonde on you too! so pretty.
  8. bleudesevres answered: It looks fantastic! Make sure to post another picture when the swelling goes down!
  9. fluxkitten answered: I don’t see how this is an awful mod.
  10. hunterdearest answered: you sure about non-wonky nostrils?
  11. breetlejuice answered: You look great!!:)
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    very niceee
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    Hello! I finally got my left labret done. *prepares for never ending swelling!* What do you AM’sters think? (Before...
  14. princesssusi answered: <3
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